Specifications & Information

Hallmark Modular Homes Specifications
CD12 General Information and Buyer Responsibility
CD09 Modular Delivery- Receiving-Set, Check List
CD14 Sample: of Product Inspection Procedure
CD11 Sample: of Drawing-Order-Delivery Procedure
CD100: Hallmark Project Cost Sheet*
Industry wide generic guide for modular sets
Box Configuration
What is a Modular Home
Advantages of Modular Homes

These forms are in PDF format, except for the CD100. If you are having trouble opening or viewing them, visit Adobe.com to download Acrobat Reader for free.

*The CD100 is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file that you should download, save to your computer, and customize for your own purposes.

NOTE: Plan Layouts and Specifications are flexible and subject to your needs. Your sales representative will work with you on final details.