About Us
(Let us “toot” our horn a bit)
Prior to 1975, the owner of Hallmark was VP and general manager of sales & engineering for a Chicago company involved in servicing and providing components to the nuclear power industry. With his background in architecture, engineering and marketing, he was able to propel the Chicago corporation from infancy to over $500 Million (1970’s Dollars) annually.
During that time he was introduced to the modular industry and in a desire to change careers, began to build homes, using modular construction, in the greater RI/MA areas. As time went on, Hallmark began to market in a larger geographic area and restrict its services to consultation, design and selling the product only. Hallmark pioneered working directly with builders, developers and “owner/builders” over an ever increasing area.
In the late 1990’s Hallmark launched the sale of Modular Homes using its web site and in most cases never meeting its clients face to face. This was a remarkable achievement as there is a major trust element involved in such negotiations. House purchases are complicated and have involved purchases of as much as $500,000 for a single family home. More complicated commercial projects and multi-family projects have involved even greater sums.
Despite never personally meeting many clients, Hallmark has achieved a degree of trust and a near perfect reputation of satisfaction from its clients in an industry often plagued with complaints.
Understanding that the ability to service its clients required a certain amount of control and influence over the manufacturing activity, Hallmark negotiated ownership positions with US Housing early in 2000 and with Custom Building Systems in 2006.
In 2007 Hallmark and a group of other modular professionals started their own manufacturing facility. Finally, as one of the launchers and owners of their new manufacturing plant, Hallmark is able to provide professional service and product incorporating sales, design, manufacturing and “value”. Hallmark has been under the same, consistent, dependable and honest management since 1975, a task very few, if any, can claim. Hallmark is now able to provide its services and products to clients in 24 States.
Hallmark offers consistent and dependable service, as well as product, because of the stability of the Hallmark team. Hallmark treats its employees and clients as “family” and is confident that you will find a breath of fresh air when you deal with its professional and courteous staff. Hallmark is not always the cheapest but most always the best “value”.
Honesty, courtesy, knowledge, dependability and value are what you will find at Hallmark, your “Modular House Depot”. All of our homes are Energy Star rated, sensibly green and healthy.  Join our family of Builders, Developers or Owner/Builders and you will see why we have built “Homes of Distinction” since 1975.