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NOTICE: The Product Guide discloses our material Vendors/Manufacturers and their products. Any items are subject to change or substitution based on what is available at the actual time you order your home. In the production of our homes we use different grades of their products depending on which specification level you choose. You may of course make your own choices regardless of specifications at an appropriate adjustment to the price. We do understand that these Vendors offer many other products and we have given you links to their web sites so that you can browse other options. In the production of our modular products we use only those products that are readily available through the distribution network (Suppliers) authorized by the Vendors to sell their products. Other products, though available from the Vendor, may take extended lead times and custom pricing. If you choose to use a product not listed in our guide we suggest that you delete that item from the modular order and obtain the product through your local sources and install same in your home once delivered. Often products listed by Vendors are no longer available or the lead times are longer than the normal "construction" time of your home. Also, local Suppliers representing a particular Vendor may not carry the Vendor's entire product line. As stated above, special order items may delay you house, cost more and not have the same warrantee as the standard available products. Thank you for your valuable consideration. We are here to make your modular purchasing experience with Hallmark as professional and rewarding as possible.